Red Nose Day – Healing in Laughter – June 11th 09

Red Nose Day – Healing in Laughter – Thursday June 11th 09

Do Something Funny for Money…



Do Something Funny for Money
Our First Annual Red Nose Day Event
Benefits The Arts Ensemble Healing Arts Center

Gin- Gin’s Secret Project
A Healing Arts Program

About Red Nose Day – Red Nose Day is, quite simply, a day like no other! We take some fantastic fundraising in schools, businesses, offices and homes across the community, getting up to all kinds of mischief, sprinkle Red Noses across the entire community and add a cracking night of comedy in two of our local bars to make Red Nose Day the phenomenon it is. All this funny business unites the community in trying to make a difference to the lives of others.
Do Something Funny for Money…

To be part of Red Nose Day 2009, you just need to do something Funny for Money!

Raising cash for Red Nose Day doesn’t have to take weeks on end. In fact, it can take hardly any time at all with these fast and furious fundraising ideas. Just take your pick and raise a few dollars – even a small amount of cash can make the world of difference!

We are hosting a stand-up comedy evening downtown at Jessie’s and Tanner’s. Crack a few jokes and get your audience chuckling. People will pay good money for a good giggle! Sell Red Noses! Stay Tuned for details of this event.

Spend the day in your pajamas, dress as your favorite comedy character or put your clothes on back to front. Get sponsored to do it on your own or do it en masse with colleagues or classmates and charge everyone to join in. Sell Red Noses!

Hold a Nose Sale
It couldn’t be simpler!
Buy a box of 50 Noses from
Arts Ensemble International
And sell them to your friends,
Students and colleagues to get
Them all geared up
For the big day.

Every dollar raised will go to: Arts Ensemble Education Foundation


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