Giving Back…


It was a winner for The Mission! Michael & Dee Norris have a Big Thank you to say to Rhonda & Brad Martin for their great hospitality, being invited  to their  Open House last Thursday evening, which was for the benefit of The Mission.  Wouldn’t you just know! Michael had the fortune to win the 50/50 raffle – winning a Grand Total of $865.00.

Just happy to say that this entire amount was immediately donated back to The Mission helping reach the fundraising goal. It was a wonderful evening shared with many friends joining together  for a great cause.

The mission has been helping to meet the needs of the community since 1972. So it was indeed our delight today to be invited to join Rhonda, Brad and Bree at the Mission to present Pastor Dave with all the donations… Michael & Dee Norris – Norris & Company Realty, LLC

The Mission of Winter Haven
Simply believing HOPE begins with a HAND. Making a difference one family at a time.
The mission was founded in 1972 and has been tending to the disadvantage of Polk County ever since. The Mission is a nonprofit ministry that is dedicated to helping others. Through community cooperation, services are provided in an atmosphere of dignity, hope and unconditional acceptance. The Mission is open to everyone! With purpose to interact with a wide array of people representing diverse needs from all walks of life.
The one on one approach to meeting needs is unique and it allows building a relationship and in turn restores purpose not just to the individual but to the entire family

Please consider donating. A simple donation of time, food, clothing or funds can make the difference in life or death.

Annually The Mission Gives
• Groceries to 6,384 Families
• Clothing to 3,740 People
• Showers to 1,697 Homeless
• Laundry Services 1,358 times
• Bible Studies 101 times
• 164 People the Gift of Salvation
• 52,932 Breakfast & Lunch Meals
Did You Know?
There are 7 billion people in the world. With an estimated 925 million hungry people in the world, 13.1 percent, or almost 1 in 7 people are hungry.

180 E Central Ave Winter Haven, Florida 33880

Phone (863) 299-2348


Please share this post and get the donations coming in…

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