The History of Labor Day

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The History of Labor Day

Labor Day means the end of summer season for most Americans. It is a time when students, workers and others are able to take a day off and just spend the day relaxing or having fun with their family. But there is more to this celebration than just taking a day off from work. This celebration was made possible for a reason and is representing a victory for all laborers. For Americans, it is a celebration of the achievement that they made in the economic and social aspects.

The Need to Fight for a Change in the Labor Industry

American workers had to deal with harsh labor conditions. Even with the long hours they worked, the wage they received was still very small. This harsh condition was not only experienced by adults, men and women, but also by children. The sad part is that even children who were sick were still forced to work. This became the reason and the beginning of why workers started organizing labor unions. The labor unions were organized for two things: to fight and make a change in wage they receive and the number of hours they are required to work and fight for children’s right. The aim of the workers is for employers to limit workers in terms of age. That way, children are avoided from getting hurt or injured in factories.

The Change and the Beginning of Labor Day

The idea of having a Labor Day came from Peter McGuire, a carpenter in the New York City. It all started in 1872 after having to work for long hours under poor working conditions. He convinced other workers, which totaled to almost 100,000 to go for a strike. These workers started marching in the streets of New York and demanded for a better working environment.

He worked on this battle for the benefit of everyone for decades. Came 1882, he eventually thought of an idea and proposed it. This idea and proposition is the creation of a special holiday for all workers. This led to the first ever Labor Day parade in which over 10,000 workers attended. It happened on the fifth of September 1882. After two years, the celebration was moved to September 1, which happened on a Monday. By 1894, a law was passed by the Congress which states the making of Labor Day as a national holiday.

How Labor Day is Celebrated Today

The first celebration of Labor Day was spent with a parade followed by picnics as well as fireworks. These days, people celebrate the holiday through going for a summer trip or simply enjoying a long weekend with their family having fun.

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