Grow Low H2O Plants In Your Winter Haven Community


Grow Low H2O Plants In Your Winter Haven Community

One of the tough challenges that majority of homeowner associations experience is reducing landscape maintenance as well as water costs. Fortunately, there are now various methods available that could help them and one of these is Xeriscaping, which is a method of mixing pest resistant, attractive, and low maintenance plants that also conserve water. This method is based on the basic horticultural principles, which include the following:

          Plan and Design

Consider the existing vegetation, topography as well as the intended use. Group like the water need plants. Get rid of the runoff conditions and decide the placement of the plants based on the visual impact and shade/sun needs.DSC_0089

  • Improve and Evaluate Soil

Soil analysis is very helpful as it provides you the information that you need for soil amendments and plant selection that help soil absorb as well as store water. Soil amendments including peat moss and compost enhance root development, water retention, and penetration.

  • Make Use of Appropriate Plants

While majority of plants have a place in the Xeriscape, with the use of low water need plants, you will be able to maximize water conservation.

  • Lessen Turf

Turf must be considered a design element instead of the whole landscape. Eliminate or lessen turf areas so that they can be watered much efficiently.

  • Utilize Organic Mulch

This reduces weed growth, evaporation, erosion, as well as soil temperature fluctuations. Right mulch application is the best way for a successful Xeriscape.

  • Maintain Consistently and AppropriatelyDSC_0234

Properly fertilized, weeded, and pruned plants need less water and also appear nicer. You have to take note that the adapted landscape environment will need less maintenance, use of pesticides, and less fertilizer.

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