How To Decorate Your Central Florida Vacation Home

How To Decorate Your Central Florida Vacation Home


Vacation season is fast approaching and many renters are planning for their booking stays in different Central Florida destinations Close to Disney, Legoland, and the Florida beaches. However, is your Florida vacation home ready for vacation season? If you are still curious about the next theme for your Central Florida Vacation home decorations, it would be a good idea to consider some tips.


iStock_000003113667SmallOne of the tips you may take for consideration is to decorate with a theme. Vacationers wanted a rental that is colorful. Both the furniture and paint must follow a Florida design scheme for your visitors to feel truly immersed in a relaxing retreat. Instead of consider beige, neutral or white, choose blue, yellow, green, other brightly colored furniture, walls, and accents. Intense colors are one of the distinguishing characteristics of the home. Experts also recommend huge mirror or paintings on the walls as this can make a grand statement.

Your Central Florida Vacation home is also a destination for entertaining. So, ensure that you are ready to host overnight guests through incorporating different furniture in the vacation home. Items such as futons, sofa beds, and reclining couches can be great items for entertaining during day and night. But, if your home has limited seating space, adding other chairs and tables to the patio or outdoor deck can be a good idea. With this, you will avoid congestion in the kitchen and living room.

When it comes to lighting, use natural light. Whenever you are decorating your Florida vacation home windows, make sure to consider blinds that serve double duty. You can also find blinds that are eco-friendly and can provide you protection from the harmful UV rays.







There are other concepts you may consider when decorating your Florida summer home. If you need assistance or you are looking for a great vacation home rental, don’t hesitate to contact your  Winter Haven Realtors.


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