Do Not Let The Mortgage Myths Scare You


Do Not Let The Mortgage Myths Scare You

According to the latest survey, the average for three-decade fixed-rate mortgage nationwide was 3.86%. Len Keifer, the Deputy Chief Economist of Freddie Mac, believes that 2015 will definitely be a good year with the top number of the housing sales since the year 2007. He also added that 2015 is a better year, which assures almost quick equity if you buy today.

There are many reasons why experts are optimistic. One of these is that the number of jobs have grown up with a rate of over 250,000 every month for over one year with the strong job growth in the first-time homebuyers. Another reason is that about eighty percent of the metro markets are very affordable for the income of median family to buy median priced properties. Also, the rents have increased to eleven percent over the past three years that can be the tipping point for the renters to be homeowners.

However, not all are encouraged to buy a home for themselves because of some mortgage myths they have in mind. Others said that you need to have twenty percent down to purchase a home and some said that only buyers who have perfect credit can obtain a loan. But, none of these are true. The reason behind it is that lending requirements are not as strict as the media horror stories. There are lenders that can offer cash to borrowers regardless of their credit history. Once qualified, borrowers can get the money they desire. So, don’t let those mortgage myths scare you because with today’s market, owning a home can be done easily.

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