Strong Dollar


Strong Dollar

After seven years when the US started to sink into recession, the economic recovery has shifted into a much higher gear. For instance, according to reports, Q3 2014 saw the growth of the economy at a five-percent clip, which is the fastest pace in eleven years.

There are various problems during the stormy economic times back in 2008 that the dollar would not be able to keep its long-held position as the number one currency in the world. But, as the list of the global financial problems grew, the dollar has showed its resilience with index reaching an eleven year high in March this year 2015.

As the economy gains its strength, it has led to the recovery of the US real estate market, which follows the crisis in credit, which has a huge impact in the prices of houses around the country. The latest report compiled by Zillow, the online real estate database, indicates that the values of homes in the United States have gone up to 5.4% over the previous year and predicts that they will increase 1.9% within the next year.

Despite the increasing prices, coupled with strong US dollar, there’s still a demand from overseas investors. For instance, in the month of April, radical changes to UK pension laws will allow anyone over 55 with a pension loan to take the big part of their accumulated savings in cash, which will free up a big amount of money that might potentially be utilized for investing in property overseas.

With the strong dollar, many people will be able to achieve their financial goals like buying a home for their family. If you are searching for a Winter Haven Real Estate property, make sure to contact Norris & Company Realty, LLC your  Winter Haven Realtors at the soonest date in order for you to get a good selection of the best homes available.

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