Working with Reputable Agents from a Reputable Firm
It pays to work with agents from a firm with a big reputation. It ensures that we will work our hardest for you
to help maintain that level of quality. Our company’s collective knowledge and experience can help you get the
maximum selling price for your home. When you combine that with the array of marketing tools at our disposal,
we can provide you with the low-stress selling experience that you deserve. We specialize in selling homes in your
community and would like to share our knowledge about your local real estate market, as well as the attached
complimentary report specific to your neighborhood.
So, what makes a firm great? Most of them share the following attributes:
• Owners with ample experience that understand the fundamentals of real estate.
• A staff of efficient, effective, highly experienced people.
• Enough capital to conduct business without limitations.
• Sensitivity to changing conditions and vast knowledge of local markets.
• A strictly professional attitude.
• Memberships in good standing in local, state and national real estate organizations and special institutes
as well as active participation in their programs.
• Top-level training and educational programs for personal and professional development.
If you decide to sell your home we can put our unique skill set to work for you, backed by a company that truly
knows the real estate business! Your community is a unique marketplace, and partnering with a company that
understands it can be the key to a successful sale. If you aren’t ready to sell, but are interested in knowing the
current value of your home, please contact us for a confidential consultation and we’d be happy to speak with
We hope you enjoy receiving our report every other month. We specialize in the representation of homeowners
from your community, and believe you deserve access to the most current, objective and comprehensive
information affecting the value of your home. If you require the services of a real estate professional in the future,
please allow us to outline how we can exceed your greatest expectations.
Best Wishes,
Michael & Dee Norris